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Hogsback 2018:  Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with great sadness, nay an aching forelonging for our brethren, that we announce, with the heavy weight of regret and upset, that the beloved Hogsback, which is as close to our lamenting hearts as salty peanuts and glue-like caramel are to the chewy goodness nougat center of a Payday candy bar in the heat of August, will not, I repeat with tears in my eyes will not, be held on a stinging-rain-hail-sleet-snow soaked cold and slippery November morn (dear I say mourn) of this year 2016.  

Now, would we all like to point fingers?  Of course.  Maybe spread the blame around on someone who is not even at fault?  Definitely.  Entice angry mobs to gather their torches and pitchforks to assure heads roll and godless unnamed someones suffer?  Only natural.  But we implore you, of rational mind, to be patient and understanding.  It is only with your strength that we have made it this far, and while I know I have no business asking for it because you have given so much already, I really hope that you will continue to exhibit the fortitude, grace, and compassion shown during the past river crossings, hill climbs, and trail falls.  Remember the outward caring for others you expressed with a breathy "are you ok?" while internally you busted a gut over someone face-planting in the river.  Cling tight to the hilarity of the trail runner in front of you busting a glute as the mud threw their feet out from under them.  Ah yes, the visceral reminders of how even the slowest motion of catching a toe on an unseen root causes month-long mayhem on the body.  Maybe watch one of the videos from yesteryear.  These, are the visual reminders that will help guide us toward assuring a strong Hogsback in the future.  Thank you for your understanding, and also, there is a clean-up in aisle 3.  


November 8, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to Hogsback this year.  It was another great race, and so nice to see everyone!

The results are currently on runsignup.com

They will also be on runmichigan.com very soon. 

It was nice to see all of you sprinting to the finish.

All my love,

TC- Head Hog