Here’s a few quick ideas on where to market your road race.

1. Running Specific Calendars is the most popular Michigan running calendar but here are some other options to post your event to:

2. Create Coupon Codes for Running Groups

There are many area running groups that often do races together. Setting up a group code for a run club could get 20+ runners potentially to your event. Below is a list of some area running groups:

3. Facebook Groups

2 of the main Facebook groups for runners in Michigan are Southeast Michigan Runners and Runners of Michigan. Runners often ask for races to run so plug your race anytime you see a post like that!

4. Email Marketing provides free email marketing for your race. All your prior participants will be a part of this list. Anything from price increases, shirt and medal design, course maps, and race info can all be sent out via email. Since your list is all prior runners, typically you can have some good success with email marketing.

Tips and tricks for RunSignUp email marketing can be found here: